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Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide. -Check for Edits-
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David Lupin

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Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide. -Check for Edits-

So your interested in Hero Battles? Heres a beginners guide! Big Grin

I'll be using info from the Hero Battles section at Guildwiki ( <- Feel free to check that out as well. I'll just be adding my own experience to whats already there.

Setting up your team.

Team Setup

The following applies for this arena:

* Match types: Score
* Minimum level: 20
* Team size: 1 player + 3 heroes
* Teams: Random opponent chosen

Note: Currently there is a ranking system similar to that of GvG that sets you up against an opponent based on your rating points.

Well first things first is coming up with a build. I really recommend using a PvP char mainly because you can use w/e you have unlocked through balth faction/PvE.

"Metagame, literally "a game outside the game," is a prediction of how others will make decisions in a game based on their personality or their previous decisions. A metagame can exist in any game in which the opposition is human or portrays some sort of artificial intelligence and the competitors make choices. Metagaming is taking advantage of the metagame for purposes of winning more often."

A lot of builds used by players in HB's are determined by the Metagame. (See def above.) Basically its the "flavor of the month" type thing.

Some examples are:
-Shadow Prison Assassins. A/W (Played by you. Mainly because Zenmai sucks)
[Shadow Prison;OwFj0xe24O05FWCjMz/SgjPRGA]
[Shadow Prison Equip;PkpxFvoGzkqYl5IF1cl5IBLfo5IHVXl5IBrbl5I9EA]
This build is VERY deadly. With buffs from other heroes you can drop a 100 armor wooden target with just the attack combo. (Though you have to remember the enemy will be fighting back ^^!)

-Spirit Spam/party support Rt/N
[Razah HB;OASjAuhMpNSzJ358be2oYqzGBA]
[Razah Equip;Pk5RIPZTkiaiklWVqAg7IP1Ag7IBLBg7IRVBg7IBrBg7I9E]
This build works well by providing defense/pressure from spirits while being able to heal and blind targets. I generally have Brutal Weapon locked so that I tell Razah when to use it, otherwise he spams it all over the place ^^)

-Moar Spirit Spam/party support N/Rt
[Olias N/Rt;OAhkYsHYoKazlTaO5oYjTxZZoRA]
[Olias Equip;Pk5xlOZTkiaAArAg7I90Ag7I7ABg7I5QBg7IBrBg7IBL]
This build generally does the same as Razah except for different spirits and a different damage buff. Right before I spike (Not all the time, I just do this when I can) I'll have Olias cast Barbs on my target (Note: this is also locked because he'll just spam it if I don't stop him Toungue) and I'll cast Shadow Prison/Expose Def to cover it and attack away :3.

-Melons Blind Split (I'll explain why its important to be able to split later.)
[Melons Blindy Split;OgmjUmrMbOHY2b8m7CuJyAZFMA]
[Melons Equip;Pk5RRPhoCTaikpWXqAg7I90Ag7IBLBg7I5TBg7IBrBg7IBL]
This build is very useful. You can blind other sins/melee attackers and cause some very nice degen. Also this party member is used to go off and cap shrines while the others stay together. (Note: Have Pious Haste locked as well, and just use it when she goes off to cap something.)

Everything you see above here is my current build for Hero Battles. Feel free to use it or other builds I will post below this one.

- Shield of Regeneration Monk. (Holy Grail)
[HB Monk;OwYS8YIPFk7aFZmA1+eCEkB]
[HB Monk Equip;OwYS8YIPFk7aFZmA1+eCEkB]
Having a good monk build is vital in HB's. So far this is probably the most used build in there.

- R/P Split Person (Hero)
[R/P Split Person;OgkjYxXYpOryaJQmIXcUwx7NDA]
[R/P Split Person Equip;Pk5RRPfoClaikpWVqAg7IbxAg7IDLBg7IdRBg7IDrBg7I9E]
This is another split build that is very useful to have.

- W/R Split Guy (Hero)
[W/R Split;OQIUEPqWVcGDf2rto+FwBNAA]
[W/R Split Equip;Pk5hnOnmkkakkpWbqAg7IPxAg7IBLBg7IXRBg7IBrBg7O9E]
This is yet another decent split build. There are some variants and things that can be changed up. Go ahead! Play around with it Big Grin.

-Mo/A Monky! (You!)
[Mo/A Monky;OwcT8Wo+15SPTEI51VCUrB25AA]
[Mo/A Monky Equipy;Pk5RRPDoCTaGkJVRqEhzIB7MjzI9Edi5ILRbgzIBrrhzINB]
This build is generally run with 2-3 of the split builds above. You can also take another hero monk with you but lose a little bit of split. Please note that while this build can be EXTREMELY effective, because of the split, it is also very hard to play. It can be EXTREMELY difficult to fight the opponent and his/heroes.

I will post more builds, but for now this will get you on your feet. :3

Team Tactics

Here comes a very important part of Hero Battles. Tactics. You could face a person with the exact same build and win just because you played your heroes better than him/her.

Most builds in Hero Battles will be setup with a 3 Person main team with 1 splitter. This split person provides damage and is very self reliant. This way you can send that hero off to a shrine and let it cap it and sometimes face another split hero. Keep in mind they are not meant to fight the entire team. :3

Some teams will have a 4 Person Main Team. (Ex. 3 Ele's and a Monk). Generally the 3 Ele's would also have a couple monk skills to help the lone monk out. This can be a very effective team if you are able to keep the other team from splitting. The downside to having no split members is that the team could completely run off and cap shrines while your stuck only able to cap one or two because the others will get picked off by themselves.

And then some teams are COMPLETELY about splitting. There are a few builds out there with the Human playing a monk build (usually a ZB build (i'll post it later) with Dark escape, recall, etc.) and 3 split members. The monk can go with w/e hero depending on whats attacking it. This can be very effective.

Next off, Knowing the shrines.


Each map has a Central Shrine. The holding team receives additional progress towards a score point. After the Wednesday March 7, 2007 Update all shrines now contribute to the morale point but to a lesser extent than the center shrine. When a team has captured a Shrine at least once, both you and your enemy's progress to the next point is displayed; progress stops once all of your shrines are neutralized. When near the Central Shrine, each creature has the "To the Pain!" buff. While under this effect, you deal 10% more damage but healing is reduced by 10%.
Apart from this, each map has different additional shrines, that give powerful bonuses in battle, if your squad controls it.

* Battle Cry - Increases attack speed by 15%, move speed by 25%, and skill recharge by 15%
* Mending - gives +3 health regeneration
* Cultist's - spawns a Cultist Mercenary NPC (level 24 Necromancer) who fights for you and helps you capture shrines
* Warsong's - spawns a Warsong Mercenary NPC (level 24 Paragon) who fights for you and helps you capture shrines
* Mystic's - spawns a Mystic Mercenary NPC (level 24 Dervish) who fights for you and helps you capture shrines
* Health - increases the maximum health of each party member by 120
* Energy - decreases energy cost of skills by 20%
* Siege Cannon - hits all foes at the central shrine every 10 seconds for 100 damage

Each morale point adds 1/100th of a bar per second, so following times is what is needed to gain a Point.

* 1 morale point: 100 seconds
* 2 morale points: 50 seconds
* 3 morale points: 33.33 seconds
* 4 morale points: 25 seconds
* 5 morale points: 20 seconds

Shrines are absolutely vital to Hero Battles. They provide buffs for your team, an extra NPC or cannon (depends on the map), and provide morale points. By knowing what each shrine does you can determine which shrine you capped first based on your build and your opponent's build.

**Note: The Central shrine gives you 2 morale bips, but be warned you also aquire the "To the Pain" buff when in range of the shrine. This reduces healing by 10% and increases damage by 10% to anyone in range.**

**Moar Notes!: Also pay special attention to the NPC shrines. These can be vital when having your split guy run off that you still have four people in your party (as the NPC will follow you).**

Entering Battles and Tournament Info.

This part is pretty self explanatory, but I'll provide some info on it if you don't want to talk to the tournament guy Smile.

First off you'll need to register your account with Talkano. Your account name can be changed every 30 days and is named after a charecter that you have.

Next, Entering a battle. You have two choices Rated or Unrated. Unrated matches are a sort of testing/safe way to not lose rank. You can play there without worrying of getting a loss towards your stats and you can test. Though keep in mind if you want to face the stuff you'll probably face in Tournaments you'll want to try out a few rated matches.

Now for Tournaments. To enter a tournament you have to register with Talkano. To register for a daily tournament you must have a tournament token, which you can buy from him, for 100 balth faction. He lists when the registration times begin and then an hour after registration begins the tournament will begin.

There are 7 rounds in a tournament. You'll be matched up with the closest ranked person in your same Win/Loss section of the tournament. (ex. 3 Wins - 2 Losses, get paired with the closest ranked 3-2 guy.)

Depending on where you end up in the tournament you will receive Reward Points and Qualifyer Points. Reward points can be used to buy armor and weapons for your PvP chars. While qualifier points are used to enter the Monthly championship.

Just remember if you lose to not feel discouraged. This is a arena of tactics and builds. If someones build was the exact counter to yours there isn't much you can do Toungue. Also, it takes time and experience to know what to do while facing different builds. To quote Galaxy Quest "Never Give up! Never Surrender!" *puts on nerd hat* :3

*EDITED 7/13/07*
-Added Mo/A Build
-Added R/W Build
-Added W/R Build

Here are some basic tips and helpful tidbits :3.

-I forgot to mention that you need to be careful when flagging heroes. This can go awry because when you flag a hero they pretty much do not cast/attack until they reach the flag point. This means if the hero is blocked/being attacked/or your being attacked and need a heal, they will not help you :S. Be careful! Wink

-When designing a build for a hero keep in mind that the skills put at the front will be used more then skills at the back. They will also more likely to use them in the order that you put them in. This doesn't always happen but more often than not it seems to do that.

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Kyomi Tachibana

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RE: Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide.

Thank you for doing this. :D

It is greatly appreciated.


07-13-2007 04:46 PM
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the forests wisper
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RE: Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide.

TY muchly!! ive never done hero battles.

as kyomi said, this is muchly appreciated

07-13-2007 05:05 PM
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RE: Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide. -Check for Edits-

awesome! thanks Lupin!


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07-13-2007 09:38 PM
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RE: Hero Battles: A Beginners Guide. -Check for Edits-

I like the tournament schedule. We will change our character name after 30 days. It is really good things. So that We will play the game as different users name. I am so curious about the heroes battle. I wish that I will catch it as I thought.

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08-18-2010 04:20 PM
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