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Bit Names
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Bit Names

Hashing out this story has been really slow for me (inspiration only comes in 750mL bottles), and coming up with names for bit characters is next to impossible for me. So to save myself the need for excess inspiration/intoxication, I want you to come up with a few names for side characters: merchants, bandits, upper-class snobs, traveling heroes, etc. Keep in mind, a name doesn't have to be in a format that we're used to (Asale, Kadin Vyce, Ariella the Cold). It can be merely a title ("the mistress", "the youth", etc).

In addition to this, I need a name for a very specific character. I've thought of a few options, but I can't really decide at the moment. Either pick an option or throw out one of your own. His description is as follows:
A sixteen-year old boy who looks to be a bit malnourished. Patches of dirt riddle his tattered gray tunic and pale skin. His brown hair is equally dirty and unkempt. His hazel eyes echo a thousand-yard stare that is as lifeless as his single-word sentences that he manages to utter on rare occasions. He is accompanied by a tall, dark haired woman. His matriarch who he simply refers to as mistress, commands the boy rather than cares for him. Despite her cold nature, she really does look out for his wellbeing. He follows her commands with little hesitation and loyally defends her whenever threatened. Rarely does he think about his own needs or wants. His entire existence he devotes to serving his mistress who, more or less, manages to supply him with the bare necessities.

03-01-2008 01:40 PM
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RE: Bit Names

Ok, so what I often do is...go to name sites, of which there are dozens and dozens, type 'baby names' '[language of choice] names' and you'll soon find hundreds. Once you get a list of ones you like, deconstruct and add as you see fit.

Or, I play with words I like or with a word that suggests what that person does as a profession. For example I had a servant character I needed to name. I started out wanting to call him Carl, except I felt it was too common. I then decided I wanted a sort of euro sound to it, got to Carlon, and eventually the character was Cardon when I was done. It does kind of have a common sound to it, but with a tiny bit of nobility, since Cardon was unfailingly loyal to his master.

There's another one that I wanted a bit of prissiness about the name. There's a couple of suffixes like 'ette', 'etta' or 'amine' that make for nice high class priss factor. So I can come up from the top of my head with Gillonetta, Tifamine, Benettia, etc. (oh they sound rancid but are so fun to throw in). My latest villainess was named Ginzamine Labelle...she just sounds like a snob!

Consider as well, if you know this person is going to talk alot, if they will get a nickname. Someone called Gillonetta might get called Gilly, and in fact it is sometimes just fun to call someone by their nickname and only after awhile reveal that they have some ridiculous pompous name.

Bit part characters you should not be calling that much attention to. For them, I often just use a variation on a common name. So I have a Paul character, I may name him Paol to give a little exoticism, and it is a throw away name.

03-21-2008 11:24 AM
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