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Full Version: 08/07/07 - GvG scrim review
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well, as feed back i thought ide share my views after watching the replya of our scrim Big Grin hope it helps

players : finn and thistle (red team) Vs me and tanker (blue team)

outcome : finn and thistle win hands down Big Grin

blue were tottaly out played due to a lack of offence compared to reds almighty frenzy hammer war backed up by a channeling ritualist to cause insane pressure in a matter of seconds. blue had bet on facing a strong melee and ranger type team build and included the use of ritualist spirits and a semi aegis chain (which failed, big time >< ).

reds victory was also commpounded when tanker over extended from the monks and was quickly reduced to 60 DP, thus takeing the strongest form of attack out blue early on. also finns clever use of KD snares and shockwave cause large spikes of dmg on myself, thus giving red the flag stand and several moral boosts that blue would never re-take.

as blue tryed to catch straws by capping the flag stand to rez tanker but during this time i was also being slaughtred by reds pure DPS. in a laughable attempt to cap the flag stand at the cost of 6 heros i was swiftly body blocked by thistle and his heros, giving them time to snare me and alow the warriors and curses necromancer to attack.

all thought the match was not 100 % complete it is obviouse that the clear winner was red team. the high DPS, defence of the flag stand and early kills on tanker caused a domino effect were blue just could not recover.


my biggest learn from that was that heros + aegis chain = NO. they simply dont understand the concept and i cant run and micro-manage at the same time Toungue another one for me was that i need more offence, i cant hope to snare u all and let tanker then smash u up, wasnt a good strategy after he went down...

for tanker, ur high DPS build gave us an early start and ide suggest watching were ur monks are and not over doing it. also ide say take a blocking stance to counter that nasty nasty frenzy hammer war, he knocked u for 6 every time u saw him.

finn, i cant fault u TBH, ide suggest maby work on hero positions, alot of the time i saw monks behind my midline, but heros are stupid Big Grin

thistle, im not sure if the body block that nailed me was intional and ide suggest u look that up coz u rocked at it, also a use of a snare in your build like pin down might help u in the future, coz i got through a few times. Big Grin

that rocked guys, ty for makeing my night (even if u spanked us so hard i cant sit down now) and i hope to do it again soon. if u want more on how u can improve or what u did right just PM here or in game Big Grin
also wanted to add that finn out flag runned me left right and center.. /sigh
Hey Forest,

Now that I've had more time ( because I'm back at work :p ) I've read this post in more detail.  I think it's a good idea to analyse these battles as it helps the participants a lot from understanding what occured in the chaos of it all.  It was good fun and having my team-mate sitting right next to me while we played was really helpful - I think it shows that Teamspeak would be so useful in PvP.

Just to elaborate on what you said, I did notice some similar things to you.  Hero management is not something I like doing, especially in a high tempo affair like PvP.  As I was the main flag runner as well, I often had to pin my heroes in defensive positions near the flagstand while I went running around picking up the flags, so that may explain some of the positionings of my three heroes.

The Frenzy Hammer hero was a build I lifted off wiki sometime ago and it seemed to work really well.  I like hero builds where you can literally 'leave them to it'.  I certainly didn't have to micro-manage that at all so I think I will use Goren more often in PvE and to fill any scrimmage slots in the future if I have to.

Thistle's Rit Hero surprised me too and I noticed watching the replay how much damage he was doing.  I do know from sitting next to him that he was trying to body block you a few times near the end and that you kept getting through.  A snare definitely would have worked there.  I think he was running a BM build in there somewhere, he likes to use his Black Moa alot.  To be fair, I didn't see much of the battle take place at the time as I was mainly running forwards and backwards to keep the flags in place, whilst leaping in to chain a few spells whenever I could, so I really appreciate the breakdown of what was going on.

But in hindsight, while I would rather play without heroes, I think it was the heroes that seemed to put on most of the pressure during the fight.  I was surprised at this as I get annoyed with my heroes in PvE (they always seem to suck for me).  I'm sure a rematch is in order, I'm sure it will be totally different to this last match, and I'll look forward to it immensely.  Maybe a different GH next time?

If we do get more matchups in the future, I really like the idea of watching the replay and then writing a detailed sports journo on it, much like what you have done here, because its nice to reminisce and learn from what happened.

Top Man, Forest.
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