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for the people that came along you know our scrims are fun, enjoyable and a gr8 learning experience for PvP. also up untill now its not been very structred so what ive decided to implement is this...

PVP Saturday!

every sat at 7pm GMT/BST we can have a scrim, this way we all know when it is so we can be on for it, and we can also plan the real deal from here Big Grin

please note this is also open to alliance members and friends of the alliance guilds!

all i ask is that:

1) we are respectful of peoples play style and ability. so no "zomg u sucks teh nub sauce!"just because you don't like a skill.

2) leading on from that please note that constructive criticism is good and in fact its encouraged so people learn and grow from this.

3) understand that some people might not be as experienced as you and help them to understand something new.

all this is just so people can learn something new whilst enjoying the experience Big Grin

see you on satuarday!

p.s. time can be changed to accomidate other time zones in the future. if this is an issue for anyone please feel free to mention in on here.
due to unforeseen issues this has been put forward to sunday at 7BST.

ty for ur understanding and stuff :D
Soz about Sunday Forest, Had a new member to the family and had to see the little dude... i will make sure im about for the nxt, was looking foward to doing it and have been practicing =(
gratz on the new member :D

my cousin had a baby yesterday as well.
i have not had a chance to go see the little kid yet.

now the question is peopl, what day is best for u, sat seemed best but is sunday better? and is the time ok?
I'll try to make it. No promises though, its by far the busiest day of the week for me.
Bedo Wrote:

I'll try to make it. No promises though, its by far the busiest day of the week for me.

ok, so what is the best day for u?
im sorry forest x_x,i think my guilds participation in last weekends GvG kinda backfired due to Green farming weekend (and zomg was i doing that) and our time schedule, you wake up as i go sleep, you go sleep as i wake up >_>, not sure how to fix that ;-;)
ok... time to dig out the chart of time zones and see the best time for all.

expect a thread that will ask about ppls time zones and stuffs :D
ok im rezzing this thread :P

every saturday at 7pm GMT (unless stated other wise in this thread)

will be bath PvP night /cheer

all are welcome and i cant wait to get this going :D

i have a few requests if u want to join us and they are:

1) enjoy it: the pvp side of the game has a bit of a dirty name so my main aim is to help people see the fun in it :D

2) be willing to try things out, like if u normaly play a ele we need a melee. just be flexible

and lastly 3) (optionable but would really help) if u can have team speak it will help lots :D even if u can only hear the rest of the side but not talk thats still ok :D

thanks in advance, any questions and just post them on here :D
ok after mcuh review were gona change the system we play a bit :D

were gona starty at 5pm rather than 7pm because it will include people with diffrent time zones and/or commitments around that time to get invovlved.
if that is a issue for people please dont hessitate to inform me.

also, please not that due to it being so close to crimbo the schedual might not be weekly coz of peoples work and family stuff (damn u extra hours QQ )
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