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Full Version: GvG Funnies
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I probably have some more funny shots of old gvg I can post, but I am posting a funny I saw today in a rank 7 vs 700 battle. Poor 700s...however they DID have an invisible Dervish:

I think its likely my observer mode caused this. The lady was visible when in melandru form and after being rezzed, but not after the form ended. Anyhow it was entertaining watching scythe skill effects in the middle of warriors...
Back in Curse The Epidemic (old PvP guild), in the middle of the battle our flag runner got stuck in the ground. I don't have a screenshot of it, but the opposing team neglected to kill him for us :p.
lol magic dervish :O

i remmber seeing a monk get caught in the reefes on the jade isles ><

cant move and if he does die u gota take dmg with no monk to rez... unkool

One of my worst gvgs ever was the discovery on Wizard's Isle that you CAN kill your team with the catapult if they stand too close to the enemy's gate. Now, that was a good laugh and of course we lost.
I remember GvGing in Wizards Isle :3 So many matches there... One time this new guy we were trying out just sat on the enemy catapult for about 5 minutes. He wouldn't stop firing even when we told him to stop. Couple of us got killed in the base because of it...
catapults = in game nukes ><

in a recent bath game we were getting a bit our butts kicked by one

wasnt plesent...
Krye Dimag
One of my first GvG matches had the catapults and the guild I was in was really new to GvG. This was way back when ppl were doing the sac a player to birth lots of minions. Well none of us knew what these 2 where doing so we stood around and watched completely forgetting about the match.
Then our opponents started firing the catapults and killed the necro when he had about 16 minions. So between the catapults and the minions we died really fast. then they camped a couple earthshake/aftershock warriors on the rez shrine and it was over.
Shortest match ever.....I think the only thing I did the whole match was put up attunements a couple times.
can be classed as funny i guess.

saw a match between vD (as in number 1 on the GvG ladder) against some side ranked 370ish. ended up with the entire team trying gank the vD ranger in a corner... the monks healed lots and the entire otherside wasted a good 3 mins trying to hurt this ranger. only when VoD started did they manage to nail him.

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