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Full Version: GvG trials :D
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ok now that ugoz is so close i think its time i started thinking about the GvG trials again.

i want to get this really rolling so im hopeing it can be as soon as possible Big Grin

the dates im thinking are either the 21st (weekend after ugoz) or the 28th.

alliance members are welcome to join in the fun and buff out the teams if needed (face facts, hero's just don't understand builds Big Grin )

thinks to think about are :

Were u play

were u are is key in most PvP so i suggest thinking about if ur a front line melee monster, a mid line supporter or a back line heal party/aegis spammer.

for more info here, just ask here and ill put some more up Big Grin

defense is the best form of attack

all insanely good GvG teams have several layers of defense, from the healer to the party wide skills chained together like aegis and/or defensive anthem to keep members safe. u also have your infuser (normally to stop spikes, but makes u prone to spikes if they bluff >< ). also expect things like this and bring skills such as team wide enchantment removal.


notice whats going on in the battle, the [O] chart is a gr8 tool for this so i suggest u use it. also watch to see if they are retreating or making a push to see if u buckle under the pressure.

try not to think PvE

ok, this is the big one TBH. were all PvE players so its important to remmber that skills that are considered bad or noob-ish, are really fantastic in PvP and GvG.

for instance, my fav is Frenzy. its a 33% increase in attack and = a HEll of alot more DPS. "but...but..but... 50% more dmg! flurry is better!" no its not. flurry takes away a large chunk of ur added DPS. the 50% is a bit ouch, but with the right defense and a cancel stance+battle awareness makes its one of your best skill.

well hop that helps and just let me know about the dates Big Grin

i would like to hold a few warm up rounds before the said dat so if ur up for that over the next few weeks just post it here


scott (A.K.A. forest )
Sounds fun. I'm pretty new (or noob...) at this so I'll have to undergo some real training. I have a pvp slot ready!
dnt worry TT alot of ppl here are new to GvG and PvP for that matter ><

heck ive only ever done 3 or 4 GvG matches so far, but ive done alot of RA and TA so i got to be PvP mod :D

anywho, glad 2 have u along my dear
I'm with you there, the only PvP i have ever really experienced are AB matches =\
But, i really want to try and get into PvP in any way that i can =)
I am most available at a time friendly to Euros on the 28th of July. I have to work Saturday next weekend and both weekend days the next weekend which would get me home closer to Midnight your time, dunno for sure, might get out as early as 10pm your time.
I've moved this thread here, out of the general discussion forums

I actually think that I'd really like to try a pvpgon. The most success I've ever had with a charie is a 'gon, and I would like to try that here.

I use to be in a GvG guild before I joined [boat] (and thats led to rent :3), but that was along time ago >.> i'm a little rusty
Hm. Mel! If I'm invited! We could run an awesome Paraspike I used to run many times in GvG. Very fun! Also Forests, are you planning to do this for fun? or more of a serious approach?

Cuz my guild has been craving gvg, (they actually bug me like weekly to start a gvg >_>) , and you have been asking me to scrim! so lets maybe practice some GvG scrims? :O, it may have to wait a week till i come back, but it shld be fun!

maybe we can come up with a balanced build that (works) :D
kira, ide love to give WiTB a good match/spanking :D

Bath is more of a PvE guild that AB's for fun, so GvG will simply be for the "well infact, i DONT lack high lvl pvp experiance :P " and the fun of it. as much as ide like to create a top 10 guild i think that will take the fun from it and make it about winning rather than enjoying it.

well im thinking we give the trials a go on1st of this month? (thats this weekend) at about 7GMT (seemed a gd time due to urgoz)?

can ppl make that, or is it too soon?
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