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Full Version: where you enjoy playing in GvG
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this is just so i can get numbers TBH, but it will also be an intresting resource as to see what kind of team we can build that will keep everyone happy Big Grin

alot of the following is generalized Toungue

options explained:


this is your crazed melee bunch. your warrior, dervish's and maybe even some quirky build from other profs (melee necro FTW Toungue )

alot of your job is "gentle" pressure on the mid to back line whilst defending during a retreat.


if your a cast and you dont heal, this is you. your general job is to apply additional pressure/spike and protect the backline.

rangers and paragons also fall into this line as do sins to a certain degree (hit and run tactics)

the midline is also were a large chunk of the defence comes from. it is not unheared of for the 2 midliners and 2 backliners to carry aegis and chain them one after the other so you have a high blocking rate 24/7.


the monks and rits.

you guys are the backbone of the team. with out you, the warriors cant kill and the squishes are...squished.

in the current meta game it is common to have 3 monk/rits.

a healer
a prot
an infuser

the healer and prot are pretty simple and im sure were all experienced enough to know the differences so ill not explain that.

the infuser on the other hand is hardly used in PvE so you might not be familiar with it.

the main skill an infuser uses is infuse health (shock horror) to deal with high damage or spikes at the cost of 50% of their health.

this has been abused over time into fake spikes so they can then spike the infuser.. its a delicate job but saves DP racking up fast.

Flag runner:

the solo guy/gal. your job is simple, our flag in that stand ASAP.


not if the other side spot you and throw 5 players at you...

you need to have 3 things to run the flag.

defense - the ability to get the flag their and get out again
speed - the ability to do it fast
support - once its in and you got a spare flag around you can help you team win.

more on this in the flag runner guide i wrote a while bk Big Grin

well now thats sorted just vote on were u wanna play and leave a reply saying what profession you would like to play Big Grin

also note, you wont be stuck as this one prof forever, flexibility is key IMO and i know it can get boring playing as a warrior 24/7.

we still need 3/4 ppl




p.s. if u voted already plz say which class you would like to play :P
I voted frontline and would play Warrior or Assassin (not so good at being a Dervish) mainly. I would also be keen to play Flag runner if necessary as either a Ranger or an Ele/Sin.
I've never really GvGed so I can't say for sure, but I imagine I'd like to be a mid-liner... reason being I enjoy playing a ranger or caster, both offensively and defensively.

Boon Prot
Tainted Warder
Spirit Ranger


condition pressure
flag runner


front line anything
I like support/utility roles in gvg. Prot monk, snare ele, heal party spammage, wards, etc...I enjoy defending. Contrary to what I enjoy playing in pve, I don't like melee or rangers in pvp.

I have run flag and that can be very fun.
having noticed that few people selected back line i thought ide give it ago my self incase it was ever y needed.

what i didnt expect was to enjoy it so much :D

each monk has a different kind of pressure on them and ive found that i prefer playing a prot or infuser (healer is just frantic TBH) because i enjoy the challenge of thinking about energy, who to prot/infuse, when to prot/infuse and when to kite like mad >_>

TBH ide h8 to see what this has done to my pve monking >_> ill be all fast and stuff :D
ok, update...

their are two types of rit.

offense and defense

defense are the back line

offense are midline

sorry for the confuzion

*mumbles as he edits poll*
Midline/Backling. I have a lot of experience monking in PvP, but I do enjoy midline caster and the occasional frontline stuff.
I voted Back line but meant Midline, i am a ranger:P il take a massive dege build:P
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